Club Values

The Helensvale Hornets has been the fastest growing club on the Gold Coast over the last 5 years. Why is this so ? It is a direct result of the hard work, resilience and innovation shown by our selfless volunteers.

First and foremost our club committee is committed to creating an environment and family atmosphere at the club in which the parents are comfortable and assured  that their children are being provided with the best possible start to their child’s league career. This is supported through the annual reinvestment of club’s surplus funds on new equipment and gear, upgrading facilities and volunteer education.

The club is driven to provide a positive learning environment for all players and coaches and this begins with the indoctrination of the Hornets Club Values

The Hornets Values are the foundation blocks for our players and volunteers and provide the outline for creating a culture at the club that allows, in its finality, players to reach their potential.

With the Club Values as our base and through the implementation of the club coaching curriculum the Hornets provide the required direction and support for volunteer personal development to occur that is then passed onto our players.

The Hornets are a rugby league club that is united in its direction and a club that takes a strong stance on spectator, coach and player discipline. For all players and coaches to prosper this stance is a non negotiable aspect of our Club strategy and is also another factor why our club continues to grow from strength to strength.

Moving forward, the club will continue its strong investment in volunteer education, ultimately, providing the best resource for player development.

The club will continue to be innovative and expand to cater for growth, however, our core business of providing a positive learning environment for coaches and players will always remain our major priority.

And one last thing, remember always the Hornets  take “No Short Cuts”



HARD WORKING -Always put in our best effort at training and game day

OPEN/HONEST – Clear, truthful communication

RESPECTFUL –  To players, coaches, administrators, parents & referees

NEVER GIVE UP – Play to the final whistle no matter the score

ENTHUSIASTIC – Turn up with a great attitude each day

TEAM ORIENTATED – No one person is greater than the team

STICK TOGETHER –  No matter what happens, stay united as a team and club